Åsbacka Center for Shamanic Healing

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Åsbacka is a small retreat center in southern Sweden. It is also the home of Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck. We hold workshops in shamanism, animism and healing story. We also offer personal healing retreats, spiritual guidance, Earth groups and advanced mentoring.

2024 update: Åsbacka is open. We are holding short courses and group retreats again after the major renovations of the last few years. This year we offer:

Shamanic Practice Days - Shamanic Counselling intensive - Visioning retreat

Full information about SCSS courses and events, including online offerings:


Later this year we are looking into the possibility of offering Vinkelstugan for self-catering retreats. This will initially be for people who have already worked with us, and want to spend time in Nature for silence, connection and wisdom. More information coming later. 

THANK YOU to all who donated to the Åsbacka Fundraising Campaign as part of Jonathan's 80th birthday celebration. We are hugely grateful for your support and it has made so much possible. It has been wonderful to feel the two guest houses get the attention they deserve and help them stay healthy for the future. It is a delight to know the expert hands of Snickar-Frank Ekobygg will continue to care for Åsbacka long term.


Nestled within a large wild forested area, we are at the end of a dirt road.  It is very quiet and peaceful, with a few neighbours, but no one close enough to see. Nearby is a nature reserve and many walking trails. Åsbacka is like a small village, with several wooden cabins, all of a simple standard

Torpet - a small house where Jonathan and Zara live all year round

Vinkelstugan - guest house accommodation for 6-7 people incl 1 bathroom & 2 kitchenettes

Dansstugan - the Dance House, workroom circle space, plus sleeping loft for 3-4 people

Lillistugan - tiny guest house, basic accommodation for 1-2 people

Backstugan - the oldest cabin, built into a hill. A communal gathering place

Bastu - bathhouse with shower and sauna

Fireplaces - outdoor ceremonial fireplace and social fireplace

The Pond - tucked away at the edge of the land is a small quiet lake


holding circles, courses & treatments

The Pond

a place of power and healing

Backstugan & Lillistugan

the oldest buildings


This special place has only had three human owners in over 100 years. The first known custodians were Elof and Thelise, who lived here a long time and built the main house. Elof was a gardener and known for his roses. In 1962, it was sold to the Folk Dancing Friends of Helsingborg, who used it as a communal gathering place, mainly in Summers, to dance, sing, play and enjoy life. They brought indoor toilets, running water, and two more buildings. In 2006, Jonathan was taken here by the granddaughter of one of the folk dancing elders, and the Spirits told him this was the place for him. Soon after, he met Zara and in 2007 they made it their permanent home. Every time Åsbacka has been sold, everything has been included and passed on. Much of the furniture and decoration is the same as it always has been. Living here is a balance of caring for the past and building for the future.

Whatever we do here, we do together with the Spirit of Åsbacka. It is very welcoming and helpful. Before we make changes or big decisions, we always talk to this Spirit and ask for its perspective and wishes. We receive a lot of support and guidance from our relationship, and are very grateful to live here together in this way.




We are in southern Sweden, in the forests of Hallandsåsen in north-west Skåne.

Address: Byggetsrundan 293, 266 95 Munka Ljungby

Email: courses@asbacka.org

It is roughly 2hrs north of Copenhagen airport, and 2hrs south of Gothenburg. For a map click here

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